Why don't you work while moving your body and mind?

Would you like to become your health promotion partner "personal trainer"?

Would you like to become your health promotion partner "personal trainer"?

Would you like to become your health promotion partner "personal trainer"?

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    What is the current fitness club ...

    It's too crowded to use, and even if I join, it doesn't teach me how to train. There are many people who can't continue even if they join a fitness club to start exercising.
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    What is 3%?

    This is the participation rate of Japanese fitness clubs. Only 3% of the population ... This number hasn't changed for more than 10 years. We thought. Is the current fitness club from the user's perspective? ??
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    The shape of the fitness club you are aiming for

    It's not a large scale with the usual services, but the size that is just right for the user. It's not flashy and difficult, and even people who are not good at exercising can continue exercising.

-I want to create such a form of fitness with you-

[Personal trainer / Yoga / Pilates instructor]

[Personal trainer / Yoga / Pilates instructor]

[Personal trainer / Yoga / Pilates instructor]

Business content

[Personal trainer]

[Personal trainer]

As a personal trainer, we will support your training.
We also provide training, diet, and sometimes lifestyle advice.

It's not an easy task.
However, what is important is the feeling of taking the other person seriously.
What can we do for our customers and for their health? ?? Anyone who can think seriously is fine.

[Yoga / Pilates Instructor]

We are looking for people who can take charge of lessons. However, since group lessons are currently suspended, we will offer personal lessons.
We are looking for people who can cooperate in resuming group lessons while doing it.

Those who acquire various skills and are involved in work regardless of yoga and Pilates.
Ideally, we should pursue what our customers want and grow.

Application Requirements

Required qualifications and experience

Trainer-related qualifications or teaching achievements (regardless of qualifications, no group)
Minimum knowledge as a trainer

Those who are "totally inexperienced / unqualified" can also apply. However, in that case, you will need to receive training in advance.

* Winning experience in body makeup contests, etc. is not considered a qualification.

The person you want

Those who seriously think "what can we do for our customers?" Rather than advanced knowledge and experience.
Those who can follow the manners and rules as a member of society
Those who have communication skills
Those who can learn with a humble attitude
Those who can create and improve services from the customer's perspective

We are looking forward to your application.


Application method

Please contact us from the entry form below

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