If it is safe and secure gym of Katsushika City, 121FITNESS

At the gym, which boasts a high repeat rate in Katsushika Ward, a training menu based on personal training conducted by members and full-time trainers is a key feature that allows members of a wide range of generations to continue to realize the effects.
The contents taught in personal training can be used for self-training, and the body can be efficiently tightened to achieve the purpose aimed at each member. Also, unlike a general fitness facility, the fitness gym in Katsushika Ward has a small number of people and offers a comfortable environment for using machines and other facilities.

We are proud of personal training to be done one on one

There are three membership groups in the well-received gym in Katsushika Ward, but a personal training menu is built into each of them. Personal training was originally taught by a full-time trainer from one-on-one in order to obtain the strengths and proportions that models and athletes make as their respective goals.
Similarly, even at a fitness club accessible from Kameari Station, in the case of personal training, members and full-time trainers can train in the right form so that they can acquire the correct form and can effectively train their body, which is effective. It has been very well received from many members if it is easy to realize. If you have been attending other fitness clubs but have not been able to train as you always think, or if you want to make a successful diet and body tightening for both men and women, personal training experience courses once by all means Please try.

Low stress self-training through reservation management is also popular

The small-capacity gym in Katsushika Ward includes free use of self-training, which allows training machines to be used during business hours in all three membership categories. There are various types of training machines and goods in the facility, such as bench presses, treadmills, squat machines, various dumbbells, etc. You can make your own self-training after booking use dates and times.
The excellent system of the fitness club is that you can properly control the number of people using the facility by booking the date and time of self-training, and you can comfortably train in a spacious space without congestion. One use time is about 90 minutes, but you can concentrate on training during the time, and like the other fitness clubs, the same one has occupied the machine or is too crowded. There is no such thing that the order does not come around at all. Please use comfortable facilities with a small number of people.

I also recommend the Pilates course to train the inner muscle

The gym in Katsushika Ward also has a Pilates course where you can make one-off lessons in addition to the three membership categories that incorporate basic personal training. Pilates is an exercise that works while moving the entire body while effectively training deep muscles located in deep parts of the body called inner muscles.
Pilates courses are conducted in a completely private studio, so members with children are also welcome. You can also book as a pair lesson as a couple or with your friends, so it is also recommended for those who are interested but still anxious to apply for a lesson by themselves. In addition to pair lessons, you can also sign up for a private one-on-one lesson with a trainer for members who want to make lessons one by one because Pilates is the first time they want. Members who wish to receive training different from fitness should apply for a Pilates course.

We publish detailed access information to gym in Katsushika City

If you are looking for a gym in Katsushika Ward, please use the 121 FITNESS, which proposes a training menu for each member. Facilities that boast a high repeat rate are highly appreciated by the members who use them, as well as the concentration of training content and the at-home space are also appreciated and the response is polite. We are happy to hear from you that you can leave training and eating habits with confidence.
Group lessons are recommended for those who want to improve their physical strength and strength, and they can receive fitness and pilates at their friends, including couples and children. The fun and enjoyable training is easy to continue and has a reputation for being a source of conversation. If you are interested, there is a trial course available, so please feel free to contact us after viewing the access information.

Gym of Katsushika City performs appropriate support

Do you not train body in gym in Katsushika City?

121 FITNESS, which operates a gym in Katsushika Ward, is a member-only facility, and offers personal training tailored to the constitution and wishes of members. Even if you want to put in your muscles, want to diet, and want to become an ideal body, you will see many people who have stopped training because they did not get results.
Training methods are different for men and women, and also different for members' individual constitutions. The gym in Katsushika Ward can move in a way that suits you, so please contact us if you are interested in the service of the facility.

It is access information to gym in Katsushika City


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Street address

3-11-3 Kameari, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo Yoshida Building 1F

phone number
business hours

10:00 to 22:00

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If you're looking for a gym that's easy to visit in Katsushika Ward, be sure to select a convenient location within easy walking distance of Kameari Station on the JR Joban Line. Not to mention personal training, self-training is also a reservation system, and the point where you can comfortably use it regardless of the station Chika is also popular because it is managed to be the appropriate number of people in the facility. Please come to the gym which can be used comfortably in Katsushika district.