Creating a 1to1 service that gently snuggles up to everyday life

Creating a 1to1 service that gently snuggles up to everyday life

Creating a 1to1 service that gently snuggles up to everyday life

121 = 1to1 1 to 1 FIT [Fit]
Close to each person. It is a company that delivers such services. We will create a space where each person who gathers at the place provided by 121FIT can spend a comfortable time at 121FIT. "People who gather at the place provided by 121FIT" include not only customers but also the staff who operate 121FIT. We want our customers and employees to feel comfortable when they share the same space.
121FIT provides a service that "fits" not only "FITNESS" but also people who gather on the spot. (1) A place where you can exercise everyday, (2) A place that is worth going to without exercising, and (3) A place where you can take it for granted that you can blend in with your life. That is the place that 121FIT provides. For those who haven't exercised before, exercise is an extraordinary world. However, everyone thinks that they must exercise for their health. Even if it's not a brand new training method or a novel dietary adjustment method, there must be a health promotion method that "fits" each person. People hate that change when they step into the extraordinary. The 121 FIT staff can help you take that first step naturally. Back up until the exercise that was "unusual" changes to "everyday". And a healthy life can make a difference to your body. This is the "result" created by 121FIT. In addition, 121FIT develops services as a place to "learn" how to not only produce results but also sustain results. People who spend time at 121 FIT will be able to take an interest in their own health and become independent. We aim to be a facility where such a situation naturally arises. Let's broaden our horizons further. Being able to exercise and being able to move freely is a happiness. There are people around us in various health conditions. People with disabilities, people who are blind, people who are deaf. The state of "I want to exercise but I can't" is commonplace. What is the role of 121FIT when such a person visits? Not limited to exercise, we can provide equal hospitality to all visitors. Respect the individuality of the other person, understand the people who gather in the same space, and like each other. The staff who operate 121FIT are human resources who can understand the feelings that permeate 121FIT and contribute to the creation of space. I feel that there are people who can recognize and accept their own personality, both customers and employees. Everyone has the same coziness whenever they go. Even if the members are replaced, we can inherit and nurture the same feelings. That is the strength that only 121FIT has.

Management Philosophy

~ What is 121FIT for? ~

121FIT has the role of "watching over" people and contributes to creating an environment where things can be "easy, comfortable, and continuous."

121FIT has the role of "watching over" people
We will contribute to creating an environment where things can be done easily, comfortably and continuously.

"Good habits" and "continuous behavior" are the foundations for achieving goals and preparing the mind and body. You may not necessarily need "habits" or "continuation" to achieve your goals or improve your physical and mental condition.

If you do not use any means, you may be able to achieve your goals, temporarily obtain your ideal body line, or obtain temporary mental stability. You can get some shape by cutting down on diet, hard exercise, and sleep time and working toward the goal in front of you.
Each person will surely have a temporary stress relieving method.

But how to stay healthy both physically and mentally?
I want to keep shining more and try new things. How to realize such a feeling?
What should we do if people can change, but their physical and mental balance and health are out of order? What should i stop?
You won't see it.
Even if you know how to relieve stress, are you aware of stress (the root cause of disturbing your mind)?

To become a habit means to maintain the power of "a little will" and to get into the habit of repeating a little "action".

You don't always have to behave perfectly to prepare your life, and you don't have to pursue emotions or always try to control them. It is rather an important sign that behavior sometimes changes depending on emotions. Instead of judging the current state of the customer (the result that is visibly appearing such as the body line) as good or bad, we analyze what kind of influence the behavior that we are repeating now has and "continue that behavior. As a result, what will happen? ”Is predicted, and if a vicious circle is created for the customer, we will propose another action.
If it is an action that creates a good cycle for the customer, we will continue to show the direction to continue and add more.
If the customer has a goal that he / she wants to achieve, we will work with the customer to find an action that is surely and as naturally as possible to blend into the lifestyle.

The important thing is that the customer himself
Being able to understand that "I try to take such actions when I have this feeling."
To be able to find "actions to stay healthy" that can be easily incorporated into lifestyles.
Know "how to recover even if your habitual behavior sometimes collapses".

We have a role to support our customers up to that state. Providing the correct training methodologies and forms is not the only role of 121FIT.

The answer is yours.
What do you want to do by exercising?
How can I prepare my mind and body?
How can I reach my goal?

121FIT exists to help our customers find their own answers.
Close to the anxiety that "I may not be able to do it alone"
I will watch the change of confidence that "I can do it".

Business content

Designing "just right" from extraordinary to everyday. Work = play = creation of learning cycle

Designing "just right" from extraordinary to everyday. Work = play = creation of learning cycle

Designing "just right" from extraordinary to everyday.
Work = play = creation of learning cycle

① Creation of a clean and comfortable exercise environment [121 FITNESS]
(2) Creating a fitness environment that draws the color of your thoughts [share FIT]
③ Creation of adults who work as if play is play [human resources development]
④ Creating an environment where adults can easily learn [FITNESS-SCHOOL 121]
⑤ Imagination and creation of a little surprise and smile [Spatial design]

By chaining the functions from ① to ⑤, you can see a place that "fits each person".

When you train, your muscles are destroyed, and at the stage of rebuilding, they gradually become stronger and grow by repeating this process.
It's not just about muscles.
In order to continue to provide "just right" and "usual things" to those who have taken a step forward, it is necessary to make small changes and continue to grow while repeating failures and corrections rather than immutability. it's important. It's very hard to maintain, but it's about enjoying small changes.
Small changes = a little extraordinary.

It's not a big step, but I was worried at first.
As I repeated it, it became a matter of course before I knew it.

Before I knew it, I was able to do what I thought I couldn't do. I have the vitality to take on new challenges.
I feel more confident in myself.
Every day is fun and fulfilling. I have come to be able to cherish the everyday life that I visit "naturally".
For customers who visit this place and for staff who support each other.
I want to be a partner who can find a small opportunity in life together.

You may have a hard time in the process of change, but you can reach your goals without making crazy efforts or putting up with what you like.
In order to use energy for what you like, what you are not good at is the minimum effort required.
If you find a way you don't have to do it, don't do it. Use your time, money and energy to do whatever you want.
Do whatever you want and have fun overcoming it.
There are friends here who encourage you to fail and laugh with you.

I like work, play and study, so I will do my best.
A place full of adults who live innocently like children forever.

121 FIT features

~ Human resources development ~

Environment where staff can become independent

121 FITNESS trainer

121FITNESS staff are required not only to provide personal training, but also to have customer service skills that can comfortably respond to all customers. Let's continue to be a person who can think about what is necessary for customers, not just their own, and make proposals. If you feel the situation happening at the facility, create your own work, and make an effort to win the hearts of customers, you can grow significantly as one trainer and one person.
One year later, two years later ... Will you continue to do the same thing? Is it possible to keep going?
The times are changing rapidly, and the time to work "stable" in the same way as it is now is not long.
Let's envision the future and grow. The staff of 121FIT are members who can cooperate with each other and support each other's dreams. Let's help each other from time to time, and even if a trainer who departs from here is born, let's take over the trainer's feelings and continue to provide services with the same feelings.

Creation of adults who work like play to work

[Human resources development]

Each person has his or her own thoughts and missions.

What I want to do
that? We will grow up while cherishing strange things, thinking, sometimes worried, and learning.
You can make a big mistake.
Failure is nothing more than a failure from the perspective of a successful experience, but it is a plus from the perspective of "experience."
I want you to learn from experience and take on challenges without fear.
I want you to enjoy your own life with all your might.
I got a job when I was playing
I want to create an environment where such experiences can be accumulated.

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