Environment where you can always watch over training gym of Katsushika City

In the well-received gym in Katsushika Ward, dedicated trainers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience about training and human muscles are mainly engaged in personal training, where training is conducted together with members while confirming each movement and form.
And, at the time of self-training where members are trained alone, we have created an original training menu according to each member's goals and physical strength. Please leave it to Jim One-to-fitness in Katsushika Ward where you can work hard at ease without getting lost.
Features of one-to-one fitness

We will create an original self-training menu

At the small-capacity gym in Katsushika Ward, at the time of the first personal training, a full-time trainer has created a training menu in consideration of each member's goals, wishes, physical strength, etc. At the time of self-training where members use the training machines and goods in the fitness club by themselves, it is sufficient to conduct training based on the menu created by the trainer, so if you are not familiar with fitness or other fitness Even if you are wondering what to do in the club, it's safe.
If you know what to do with self-training, you can be proactively making reservations, so it will be easier to realize the effects and it will be a virtuous circle of approaching the goal achievement. Also, even during self-training, trainers are always waiting and watching in the area, so we will support you immediately if you encounter any problems. Please go to Kameari's fitness club with confidence.

Self-training reservations can be easily done on the web

At the gym in Katsushika Ward, we have reservations for personal training as well as for self-training conducted by ourselves. This is a system that properly controls the number of people in the fitness club by making a reservation, and incorporates a limited machine to be used comfortably at any time avoiding congestion.
Booking is a simple way of specifying the date and time you want to use easily from the web such as PC or smartphone. It's very convenient to be able to make a reservation anytime whenever you want, such as at home or commuting trains, not from the telephone but from the web. Even if you are not good at crowded environments like other fitness clubs and you have avoided self-training using machines and training goods, you can always train in a comfortable environment with a small number of people for one-on-one fitness. Thank you. Please join us for a comfortable and comfortable environment.

Gym of Katsushika district proposes menu suitable for constitution of member

Gym · 121 FITNESS in Katsushika Ward will support members who would like to diet in sports. Some members like sports, but of course there are many who are not good at it and have few experiences. If you have exercised or restricted food at other facilities but you are not satisfied with the remarkable results, the facilities will provide you with the best training menu.
The menu suggested by each trainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience is a special menu for members who have been considered personally, such as ease of muscle attachment and exercise experience, and they receive favorable feedback that they can be continued without difficulty. I will. There are many members who have realized the ideal body, so if you are interested please take a look at the menu list.

The gym in Katsushika Ward boasts a menu that the trainer has thought about

121 FITNESS, which operates a gym in Katsushika Ward, is popular because it is easy to continue because it considers the training menu according to the constitution of members and the environment they usually spend. Pilates that can train the inner muscle attracts attention in recent years, and the number of members who can use it is increasing. Conscious of the flowing movement while relaxing, in addition to muscle improvement in the exercise to adjust the strength of the whole body, we can expect the effect of improving concentration, and we will meet the needs of various members.
Pilates Fitness is available for group lessons, and you can move your body comfortably with a small group of friends, including couples and children. In the menu list posted on the home page, you can see the lesson menu provided by the facility, so if you are interested please take a look.

Gym of Katsushika City performs appropriate support

Do you not train body in gym in Katsushika City?

121 FITNESS, which operates a gym in Katsushika Ward, is a member-only facility, and offers personal training tailored to the constitution and wishes of members. Even if you want to put in your muscles, want to diet, and want to become an ideal body, you will see many people who have stopped training because they did not get results.
Training methods are different for men and women, and also different for members' individual constitutions. The gym in Katsushika Ward can move in a way that suits you, so please contact us if you are interested in the service of the facility.